a unique greeting that is suitable for any occasion and any person

Say hello to your family!

Surprise your colleagues!

Support your friends!

Confess your love!

Thank your partners!


1. Click on the “Order” button and fill out the form

If desired, add photos and indicate additional options in the form.

2. Pay for the service online

After filling out the form, pay for the service with a Visa/MasterCard card or using the PayPal payment system.

3. Wait 1-2 days for our African team to record a surprise video

Orders placed before 21:00 will be ready the next day. Sunday is a day off.

4. Receive a link with the video to your email

The finished video is sent by email with a link to Google Drive. The link is available for 30 days.



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How to order a greeting?

Fill out the necessary information for congratulations on our website and place your order! Place your order through our Instagram @exotic.greeting

What language will the congratulations be in?

You can order a greeting in any language! Our cheerful teams shoot videos for all countries in various languages!

How long does a video greeting last?

Video duration up to 55 sec

How long will it take to prepare a congratulation?

Orders placed before 21:00 will be ready the next day.
Implementation of an order from a team of girls 1-2 days Implementation of an order from a team of guys 2-3 days
Sunday is a day off
We accept urgent orders, check with the manager for information!

Can I choose the song myself?

You can choose all the necessary information for congratulations yourself!

If there is a difficulty with a song, you can select the “any song” function; our team will select a fiery song for your video!

How many photos can I add?

You can add up to 7 photos in A4 format

Up to three A1 format photos

What if I don't like video?

You can tell us about your problem at exoticgreeting@gmail.com

We value our customers and will resend your order!

Is it possible to congratulate two people in one video?

Yes we can congratulate two people in one video! Additional fees are not charged.

How will I receive a video greeting?

The finished video is saved to Google Drive and the link to your video is sent to each client by e-mail.

The link is available on Google Drive for 30 days, after which it is automatically deleted. Please save the video for yourself.