Questions and Answers

⁃ How to order greetings?

Order via the link:

⁃ How to change a finished order?

Write in Direct or by e-mail:

⁃ Which dance song to choose?

Any song from YouTube, you should give selected seconds to dance

⁃ How long will it take to prepare an order?

Orders placed before 21:00 will be ready the next day. Order processing takes 1-2 days. Sunday - is a day off.

⁃ How long is the video?

Up to 55 seconds

⁃ Do we publish videos?

We only post videos if you let us

⁃ How to add additional photos?

To change the order, write to the e-mail:

⁃ Can two birthday people be mentioned in one video?

Yes, we can greet two people in one video

⁃ What if you don't like the video?

Contact us and we will solve this problem together. We will record a new video if necessary

⁃ How many photos can I add?

A4 format - up to 7 photos A1 format - up to 3 photos

⁃ How do we ship finished videos?

The finished video is emailed to each client with a link to Google Drive. The link is available for 30 days, after which the video is removed. So keep the video to yourself

⁃ What language can we record greetings in?

Almost in every language. For clarification, please email us: